Sunday, March 11, 2007

"Iron shirts"!

I was writing a to-do list today. I wrote down "iron shirts" and it got me thinking about fashion. Do male office workers put on "iron" shirts everyday they go to work? When did men start wearing ties? And why do menfolk still wear them either by choice or by requirement? Will there be a world where men are not obliged to wear a tie no matter the occassion, would the world be better or worse for that?

The Society of the Burning of Ties (SoBoT)
Don't be a robot, be a sobot. The SoBot will have its inaugral meeting at the top of Grafton Street (date to be confirmed) where a symbolic burning of ties will take place. Passing office workers will be encouraged to relieve themselves of neckwear and to throw their ties into an oil drum for burning. A scissors will be provided for ease of detieification.

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