Monday, July 13, 2009

Ten Rave Techno / Techno Rave Tunes

Maybe you know some of these songs? They were recorded in the late 80s or 1990s. The tracks that have links are to the tunes on YouTube. If it's your thang.... enjoy!
  1. In yer face - 808 state
  2. Anasthasia - T99
  3. Lush 3-1 3-2 - Orbital
  4. Majestic - The Orb
  5. Stakker Humanoid - Humanoid
  6. Stella - Jam and Spoon
  7. Rainbows in the Sky - The Hypnotist
  8. 2 Bad Mice - 2 Bad Mice
  9. The Man With The Masterplan - Quadrophonia
  10. No Deeper Love - Rising High Collective


mcg said...

I'd nominate 808 State's "Pacific State"

Holbrook Fields said...

what all those saxophones sounds a bit too kenny loggins for me... only kidding it's a gem... i lost me imovie application when me hard drive crashed but once i get that sorted i'll have to make quick vids for the missing tracks...