Friday, December 11, 2009

Fuck you said in Irish Dáil (parliament)

As a Green Party member I don’t know what to make of this. From a Joe Soap perspective it’s highly entertaining internet fodder, it’s refreshing. But there is a darkness to it. Is it more than just a laugh, is it a staging post in the country’s exasperation with politics? Could it conceivably get more people interested in politics because for once they understand the language a politician is using. Is it a low point in politics? It hardly seems that way when you think of the far more wretched things politics has brought us. Is it a harbringer of a tsunami of public anger in 2010 ? Is Gogarty a child lost in a sea of cynical adults, is he a muppet? Or is he a hero for being the antithesis of the smooth talking, PR groomed politician talking polite waffle? The joke on twitter is that he’s going for the 12 – 16 yer old vote ? Is that a good thing? Help me out here people, what should I make of this? Feel free to hurl abuse at me, Gogarty and the Greens. I reckon that’s only fair.

Read the full text of Paul Gogarty's speech here.


Citizen Simon is not being updated regularly due to temporary illness - try again in January said...

I think Gogarty has done everything to cultivate an image of rebeliousness, and has failed.

His ego means he cannot admit his failings, and is desperate to blame anybody else for his loss of power and influence

smb2009 said...

I think Gogarty felt the strain of the day and going against his own internal instincts let out a "fuck you" in the Dail. Thats it, but Emmet Stagg can be a bit of a cunt.